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BCIL has in place companies database and rich experience in conducting local credit reports, income estimations and handling SECP related services including company incorporation, charge registration, company’s search, CTC, memorandum and articles of association, and other company documentation. In addition we manage documentation related to setting up proprietorship and partnership companies and groups.



Our experienced private investigators handle a wide variety of services. Whether you’re concerned with internal employee issues such as theft, ponzi schemes or other types of corruption, or external worries such as internet fraud, electronic bugging, extortion, or diligence matters, BCIL offers the expertise to get your answers and recover your assets quickly.

With dozens of local offices, we’ve got a location near you. Each office is linked to BCIL global network, giving you the upmost security, and allowing for us to quickly deploy our solutions whenever and wherever you need them.


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Kibor Rates 25-02-2015

1week, 2week, 1month - bid 7.97 - off- 8.47, 3month-bid-8.19-offer-8.44, 6 months-bid-8.19-offer-8.44, 9 months-bid-8.21-offer-8.7, 1year-bid-8.19-offer-8.69, 2 years-bid-8.27-offer-8.77, 3 years-bid-8.35-offer-8.55~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

KIBOR RATES - 21-03-2014

  1Week- bid-9.04 - Off-9.54, 2Week -bid-9.58 - Offer-10.08, 1Month - bid 9.74 - Oferf- 10.24, 3Month-Bid-9.79-offer-10.04, 6Months-Bid-9.83-Offer-10.08, 9Months-Bid-9.86-Offer-10.36, 1Year-Bid-9.89-offer-10.39, 2Years-Bid-10.50-Offer-11.00, 3Years-Bid-11.44-Offer-11.94~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

25 Years Experience Of Preparing Corporate Information Reports, Using Millions Of Records.
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