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Business Information (Local)

BCIL provides freshly investigated reliable and in-depth business credit reports of public limited, private limited, partnerships and sole proprietorships firms at very competitive rates with minimum turnaround time. We have developed a nationwide network which enables us to prepare the reliable, accurate and complete information on Companies incorporated in Pakistan.

What's included?

  1. Business Summary, History, Special Events, Government & Operations Data
  2. Payment History and Payment Trends
  3. liens & bankruptcies (if applicable)
  4. Financial Statements
  5. Public Filings, including Bankruptcy Records
  6. BCIL Rating
  7. Industry Comparison

This comprehensive report benefits to a lot of offshore employment prepositions and is quite helpful in dealing with expatriate employees in a lot of countries specially European and GCC countries.

Latest News

Kibor Rates 25-02-2015

1week, 2week, 1month - bid 7.97 - off- 8.47, 3month-bid-8.19-offer-8.44, 6 months-bid-8.19-offer-8.44, 9 months-bid-8.21-offer-8.7, 1year-bid-8.19-offer-8.69, 2 years-bid-8.27-offer-8.77, 3 years-bid-8.35-offer-8.55~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

KIBOR RATES - 21-03-2014

  1Week- bid-9.04 - Off-9.54, 2Week -bid-9.58 - Offer-10.08, 1Month - bid 9.74 - Oferf- 10.24, 3Month-Bid-9.79-offer-10.04, 6Months-Bid-9.83-Offer-10.08, 9Months-Bid-9.86-Offer-10.36, 1Year-Bid-9.89-offer-10.39, 2Years-Bid-10.50-Offer-11.00, 3Years-Bid-11.44-Offer-11.94~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

25 Years Experience Of Preparing Corporate Information Reports, Using Millions Of Records.
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Tel: +92-334-4442348
Email: imranfca@hotmail.com

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