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BCIL offers credit reporting to many service providers who needs credit reports for their clients. If your company is interested in reselling credit reporting services to your clients, we have an attractive solution for you. We can provide all types of our products at special discount to establish international work group. We are also open to share information of our products with other service providers.

If your company is interested in incorporating credit reporting and compliance solutions with your service and solution offerings, please contact us.

Reseller Special Pricing

Resellers are enjoying mega discounts on our products being purchased under reseller agreement. The discount offer is dependent upon the number of reports required during a month. The normal range for special discounts is as follows:-

  • Reports exceeding two hundred per month                10%
  • Reports exceeding five hundred per month                 20%
  • Reports exceeding eight hundred per month               30%


Special payment arrangements can also be made on case to case basis.

Latest News

Kibor Rates 25-02-2015

1week, 2week, 1month - bid 7.97 - off- 8.47, 3month-bid-8.19-offer-8.44, 6 months-bid-8.19-offer-8.44, 9 months-bid-8.21-offer-8.7, 1year-bid-8.19-offer-8.69, 2 years-bid-8.27-offer-8.77, 3 years-bid-8.35-offer-8.55~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

KIBOR RATES - 21-03-2014

  1Week- bid-9.04 - Off-9.54, 2Week -bid-9.58 - Offer-10.08, 1Month - bid 9.74 - Oferf- 10.24, 3Month-Bid-9.79-offer-10.04, 6Months-Bid-9.83-Offer-10.08, 9Months-Bid-9.86-Offer-10.36, 1Year-Bid-9.89-offer-10.39, 2Years-Bid-10.50-Offer-11.00, 3Years-Bid-11.44-Offer-11.94~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

25 Years Experience Of Preparing Corporate Information Reports, Using Millions Of Records.
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